Miss Heigl Enjoy Wine In L.A. With Family

Even with her busy work schedule ahead of her this year, Katherine Heigl makes sure to find time to enjoy a nice glass of white wine making the most of her free time. And with a few lazy days ahead, what better way to enjoy your time with than a nice glass of wine for lunch with family. Keep following our blog for updates and visit Frisky Spot for more celebrity gossip.

‘Life on Mars’ Irish actor Plays Love Interest Of Heigl

We’re so excited about cute actor Jason Omara, from “LIfe On Mars” will co-star with Heigl in ‘One for the Money’, a big screen adaptation of the best-selling 1995 novel.

O’Mara is very known for picking great tv roles having previously starred in the US version of ‘Life on Mars’, which is a huge success.

The show is already having big talks of becoming the next ‘Lost’ and with Spielberg on board, ratings are expected to be enormous. Check out more celebrity news at celeb blog mag.